Sunti is a subsidiary of SOPER, a group fully dedicated to renewable energies for more than 20 years. an experienced and responsive human scale team, as well as a financial capacity to match its ambitions, Sunti is committed to a more sustainable productive world. Sunti is chaired by Jean-Michel GERMA, also President of SOPER.


Photo KM2Kevin Mozas, Executive Director

Kevin leads Sunti’s activities, with a transversal view on technical, economic, commercial and market issues. He has worked for more than 15 years in the renewable energy field, in several countries for both project developers and technology providers. He started as an engineer and later completed his academiceducation with a Master in Economics and Energy Policy.


JA4Jordan Agud, Engineering Manager

Jordan manages all technical aspects and engineering of Sunti activities, such as projects dimensioning, integration of solar thermal plants to processes, including the relationship with suppliers. He holds a degree in process engineering with a specialization in energy systems.

EA2Emilie Armengaud, Projects Engineer

Emilie carries out studies and technical analyzes necessary for the conduct of Sunti’s activities, from pre-sizing to the realization of projects. She holds an energy engineering degree.


Business Development

MZ2Maxime Zero, Sales Manager

Maxime is in charge of Sunti’s commercial activities; he’s in direct contact with Sunti’s clients. Working since 2011 in the renewable energy field, he holds a Bachelor in Business Administration from ESSEC BBA in Paris and a Master in Environmental Management from Bocconi University in Milan.

Paul Roquemaurel - SuntiPaul Roquemaurel, Market Analyst

Paul puts business intelligence into Sunti’s activities and actively contributes to business development, by maintaining a strategic watch of economic and regulatory changes in solar thermal markets. He graduated from BBA from INSEEC Business School.

CA2Clara Almosni, Business Developer

Clara directly contributes to Sunti’s business development by structuring and managing new markets prospection. She is alternatingly working for Sunti and graduating a Master in Business Development at Paris Dauphine University.


Sunti also benefits from the support services (financial and administrative departments) of its parent company SOPER.