Sunti provides solar heat for industrial processes and district heating, using solar thermal technologies.

Turnkey solar heat supply

As an investor and a turnkey solar heat supplier, Sunti designs, finances, develops, operates heat production plants. The connections to the targeted applications are also assumed by Sunti which remunerate itself, including exchange stations, and is remunerated by selling competitive and renewable heat to its clients at the agreed delivery point.

Acting for energy transition, Sunti brings its human and financial resources in order to meet its client objectives in terms of operational costs and environmental footprint reduction.

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We provide countless benefits to our customers :

Autonomy: Solar heat protects you from oil price fluctuations and from fossil fuel taxation increases.

Competitiveness: Benefit directly from cheaper and locally produced heat, without considering the return on investment thanks to Sunti’s third-party investment solution.

Commitment: Legitimated access to communication enhancing your “sustainable development” policy. Take a major step towards achieving your environmental goals.

Clear your horizon and become leader in energy transition and industrial competitiveness.



Technical and financial expertise

Energy infrastructure development and operation skills are all gathered within Sunti’s team, for controlled and risk-free operations:

Process expertise: industrial operations complexity requires real expertise, which is essential to the correct definition of solar thermal solutions to be provided, particularly regarding integration to existing installations.

Technological expertise: Sunti only relies on proven solar thermal technologies and experienced suppliers, which is essential to ensure an efficient operation of the plant for 30 years.

Financial and contractual expertise: Sunti’s equity investment capacity as well as its contractual flexibility allows its clients to benefit from attractive and customized offers.

Permitting expertise: acquisition of the required authorizations is directly supported by Sunti, experienced in developing solar thermal projects with the appropriate administrations.



A safe, clearly defined pathway

In France and abroad, our priority is to develop projects tailored to the specificities of our customers, respecting their production cycle and ensuring their manufacturing flexibility.

Sunti offers a free technical and economical preliminary assessment, to evaluate the solar thermal potential of industrial facilities. Only a few information is required to reveal this potential!

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Throughout the project development and during the entire exploitation phase of the solar thermal field, we put our technical, regulatory and financial expertise at your service.