Solar thermal technologies are mature and reliable. They fully meet the technical requirements involved in a long-term investment. The type of solar thermal collector used in a project is determined in function of temperature requirements and solar irradiation of the site. Its integration to the point of consumption may also vary depending on intended applications.

Flat Plate Collectors

Flate Plate Collectors are robust and particularly efficient for temperatures below 100 ° C. They can easily meet needs of industrials and district heating networks.

They can produce or maintain hot water, preheat water for steam generating, or warm the air or other fluids.

Flate Plate Collectors yields are 5 times higher than photovoltaics modules on a same aperture area. In other words, solar thermal can generate 5 times more kWh than photovoltaics, contributing strongly to the greening of the energy mix and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions without occupying large lands or large rooftops areas.


Preheating ppt Modifié Sunti

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Sunti - Solaire Thermique

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Concentrating Technologies

These technologies use mirrors or lenses to concentrate the sunlight while tracking the sun across the sky. Minimizing the angle of incidence between the incoming sunlight and the collector, concentrating technologies enable to generate steam or to heat a fluid at high temperatures.

Concentrating technologies require a high level of direct radiation and, therefore, are not always relevant in certain geographic areas.

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Linear fresnel
 "Fresnel" solar field - Novatec Solar